How to get more FUT coins and some tricks of the game
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The focus of FIFA 18 is the final team game that integrates card fighting into the entire combination, allowing you to form a super team. If you don't know how to get more FUT coins and some tricks of the game, please look at it carefully.

By setting the shortest time of the game, you can maximize your FUT coins income. When you win or lose the game, the FUT coins you get will remain unchanged. However, your degree of difficulty will affect the number of FUT coins you win, so you can play the game at the highest level of difficulty. Or, because the beginner's mode is much easier than the amateur mode, so set it as a beginner mode so that you can get a lot of FUT coins.

When you have just entered the ultimate team, it is a dream to create a team with a golden player. But don't lose heart, because it's not so hard to make FUT coins, and you can eventually build your dream team. As long as you have patience, don't be eager to make FUT coins. It's important to remember that the chances of an absolute star like Ronaldo, Neymar or Messi are very low. It's smarter to invest your FUT coins in the market.

First, set up an excellent bronze team for your team - level games, season and competition. Your success will reward you with FUT coins. It is easy to collect FUT coins in season mode. In this model, you will not only win and good performance, but also get promotion and champion. Of course, you can also buy cheap FUT coins online in a few seconds. In a word, if you are in urgent need of FUT coins, you can safely buy FUT coins.


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